If you start kindergarten in 2016 when will you graduate?

Have a kid starting kindergarten in the fall of 2016? They’ll (most likely!) graduate from high school in 2029.

One thing that’s great about having a kindergartener is that you have the opportunity to start a back-to-school photo tradition that can last until high school graduation! Check out these cute photo ideas.

If you have other kids or are just curious, you can play with the interactive graduation year calculator, too.

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  1. Slightly off. You have to go by the spring they finish kindergarten, not the fall. So…Spring 2017+13= Spring 2030.

    1. The math is weirdly mind-bending, to be sure. You’re spot on, except that when they’ve finished Kindergarten (in the spring of 2017) they only have 12 more years to go… hence 2029.

      Trust me, you’re not the only one second-guessing the math. This craziness is exactly why I started this site: it took way longer than I care to admit to figure it out when my kiddo was going into Kindergarten. 😉

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