Checking the Math

I started this site back in 2014 because my son was about to start Kindergarten, I wanted to make a cute graduation-year t-shirt, and my friends and I were having the hardest time figuring out when our littles would actually graduate.

Since then, I occasionally receive comments that the math is wrong. It’s not. Trust me, I second-guess it every time I get one of these comments and re-check it. 😉

However, you don’t have to trust me; you can see it for yourself:

GradeSchool year starts in… School year ends in…
KindergartenFall of 2019Spring of 2020
1st gradeFall of 2020Spring of 2021
2nd gradeFall of 2021Spring of 2022
3rd gradeFall of 2022Spring of 2023
4th gradeFall of 2023Spring of 2024
5th gradeFall of 2024Spring of 2025
6th gradeFall of 2025Spring of 2026
7th gradeFall of 2026Spring of 2027
8th gradeFall of 2027Spring of 2028
9th grade/high school freshmanFall of 2028Spring of 2029
10th grade/high school sophmoreFall of 2029Spring of 2030
11th grade/high school juniorFall of 2030Spring of 2031
12th grade/high school seniorFall of 2031Spring of 2032